Representative Cases

Construction Disputes

  • Subcontractor-contractor disputes involving roofing, blasting, plumbing and other areas of construction.
  • Represented subcontractor in a major construction project where the general contractor stopped payments.
  • Mechanic's liens for subcontractors and contractors.
  • Successfully represented builder of new home when homeowner stopped construction progress payments.
  • Co-counsel for bridge construction dispute.
  • Representation of defendant construction company against plaintiff surety company.
  • Represented plaintiffs when their house was damaged by blasting on the same ledge.
  • Represented homeowners when their homes were damaged by nearby blasting activities.

Construction Companies

  • Drafting contracts for contractors for renovation/addition projects for homeowners.
  • Drafting subcontractor-contractor agreements.
  • Drafting contracts for new construction projects.
  • Advising clients on compliance with the Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor Statute and other Massachusetts laws.

Home Contractor/Homeowner

  • Obtained settlement case for homeowner whose contractor replaced the roof in a defective fashion.
  • Represented plumber against homeowner where homeowner refused to make final payment.
  • Represented roofer against homeowner for refusal to make final payment.
  • Represented numerous homeowners in renovation disputes involving defective work, unreasonable delays and abandonment of the job.
  • Successfully obtained multiple damages, attorney's fees, interest and costs against contractors on behalf of homeowners
  • Represented parties in arbitration proceedings.

Business Disputes

  • Successfully settled lawsuit on behalf of the purchaser of a towing company for misrepresentation as trial commenced.
  • Successfully settled lawsuit on behalf of a commercial landlord who was sued by its tenant for damages caused by shut down of business due to building code violations.
  • Represented defendant employee in a suit by a moving company for its fees. Successfully negotiated a settlement for the employee.
  • Obtained refunds for clients whose money was retained by used car dealers.

Real Estate Disputes

  • Represented plaintiff in suit for constructive trust where defendant refuses to share in the proceeds from the sale of real estate.
  • Represented former partner in real estate business where defendant failed to pay monies owed for management and the sale of properties.
  • Represented claimants where respondent refused to honor purchase and sale agreements.
  • Represented tenants whose landlord failed to return their last month's rent and prorated rent when forced out of their apartment due to a fire.
  • Failure to return a security deposit.
  • Represented landlord in summary process (eviction) proceedings.