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Representative Cases
Business Disputes
Attorney for former business partners owed money on a personally guaranteed note. Obtained judgments against guarantors.
Represented software consultant plaintiff in a business dispute. Wrote motion for trustee process.
Wrote summary judgment brief for case involving a dispute over a lease agreement.
Breach of partnership agreement and breach of fiduciary duty against a partner in a software company developing tax software.
Successfully negotiated settlement of claim against company for failure to pay a promissory note.
Researched matters for multi-million dollar anti-trust case.
Construction Cases
Helped in trial preparation for bridge construction dispute.
Prepared brief for arbitration of a contractor-sub-contractor dispute.
Representation of defendant construction company against plaintiff surety company.
Represented homeowner whose contractor replaced the roof in a defective fashion.
Represented plaintiffs when their house was damaged by blasting on the same ledge.
Representing client in a renovation dispute.
Representing client where painters abandoned a job.
Civil Litigation
Wrote motions and briefs and acted as co-chair for a trial involving a real estate dispute between four brothers.
Represented defendant employee in a suit by a moving company for its fees when the defendant’s employer failed to pay. Successfully negotiated a settlement for the employee.
Obtained substantial judgment at trial for a woman who paid to enter a dance competition and the owner refused to refund her money.
Representing client whose money was retained by a used car dealer.
Represented tenants whose landlord refused to return their last month’s rent and prorated rent when forced out of their apartment due to a fire.
Failure to return a security deposit.
Tenant holding over without a lease.
Successfully settled tenant's breach of a lease on behalf of the landlord.
Sued landlord for retaliatory eviction and health code violations.
Representing landlord in summary process (eviction) proceedings.
Corporate Legal Services
Formation and dissolution of business entities.
General corporate governance and compliance
Advising clients regarding non-disclosure agreements.
Filing corporate documents.
Negotiating contracts.
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