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Mediation Cases
I have mediated one hundred thirty-six cases at the court. These cases fall under the following categories:
Contractor cases (25)
· Landscaper did yard work and was never paid. Clients claimed that they had cancelled the work.
· Client claimed that a kitchen contractor caused damage, did a bad job and did not complete the work.
· Client claimed that a contractor did not complete a wall properly and caused damage.
· Client sued a de-leader for failing to do a complete job and for spending less time on the job than he had anticipated.
· De-leader sued a general contractor for non-payment for extra work.
· Customers claimed that roofing work was done improperly.
· Sub-contractor sued contractor for payment for heating/cooling work.
· Contractor failed to complete back fill.
· Landscaper installed defective drywall.
· Sub-contractor sued for payment for grass seeding.
· Sub-contractor sued for return of tools after leaving a roofing job.
· Sub-contractor sued for payment for rental of backhoe.
· Landlord sued contractor for failing to repair a roof.
· Client alleged that pest control company failed to rid his property of carpenter ants and bees.
· Sub-contractor sued contractor for construction work on residential properties.
· Homeowner sued contractor for failing to re-grade a driveway properly.
· Plaintiff sued for return of her deposit for replacement of bulkhead doors.
· Homeowner claimed that new windows were installed improperly and requested reimbursement for damaged storm windows.
· Plaintiff sued plumber for return of deposit when plumber failed to begin the job.
· Sub-contractor sued contractor for payment for plumbing work.
Employment (10)
· Employer failed to pay a real estate broker’s commission because he did not complete documentation.
· Hairdresser sued esthetician who allegedly stole supplies when she left her job.
· Employer did not reimburse a nanny for plumbing and other expenses. Claimed money order was sent but it was lost in the mail.
· Employer never paid a temporary agency because he was unhappy with the employee.
· Sub-contractor sued contractor for payment for “roadie” work for conference.
· Ex-employee owed money to car dealer for auto supplies.
· Truck driver sued employer for overtime pay.
· Employee sued computer store for overtime and back pay.
· Sub-contractor sued contractor for payments for marketing work.
Landlord/Tenant (23)
· Failure to return a security deposit.
· Refusal to pay increase in rent.
· Refusal to pay utility and gardening bills.
· Damage to an apartment.
· Failure to remove items from a rented space.
· Failure to pay rent.
· Roommate dispute over bills.
· Failure to notify tenant about deposit bank for a security deposit.
· Failure to report interest on a security deposit and overpayment of rent.
· Tenant sued for reimbursement for installation of carpet.
· Tenant appealed landlord’s judgment for lost rent when he broke a lease.
· Tenant obtained a temporary restraining order that forced a landlord to allow her to move back into the premises after an illegal eviction. The parties reached a monetary settlement, and the tenant agreed to find another apartment.
· Plaintiff sued sub-lessor for renting apartment to another tenant after he had paid first and last month’s rent and had a rental application approved.
· Tenant sued landlord for damage to his farming property caused by an eminent domain taking for a pipeline.
Motor Vehicle Tort (16)
· Property damage.
· Customer sued towing company for damage to her oil pan.
· Property damage due to low clearance in a parking garage.
· Car rental agency sued a customer for failure to pay for property damage to a vehicle.
· Plaintiff sued for whiplash injuries when her car was rear-ended. Mediated pre-trial conference.
· Car rental agency sued an unauthorized driver for property damage. The mediation was conducted in Spanish.
Collections (38)
· For non-payment of dentist bills.
· Non-payment of an insurance contract.
· Failure to pay back a loan.
· Non-payment of an alarm company’s bill.
· Non-payment of an electric bill.
· Failure to pay bills for respiration equipment.
· Non-payment of lawyer’s fee for condominium documents.
· Failure to pay for gym membership fees.
· Landscaper sued a client for nonpayment of bills.
· Mechanic sued customer for repairs to salvage vehicle with no warranty.
· Plaintiff sued for reimbursement for a used vehicle when the transmission failed after a few weeks.
· Failure to make credit card payments.
· Non-payment of cleaning service “lock-out” fees.
· Plaintiff sued after-school program for charging fees after she withdrew her child.
· Failure to pay for advertising space.
· Animal hospital sued for non-payment for dog surgeries.
· Non-payment of nursing home fees.
· Plaintiff sued for the cost of new tires when the used car he bought failed inspection.
· Car dealership sued for failure to turn over insurance money received for property damage to the defendant’s automobile.
· Surveyor sued clients for non-payment of fees.
· Company sued a lawyer for accepting embezzled checks from a client fund account.
· Photographer sued for final payment for wedding albums.
· Therapist sued patient’s father for payment for missed appointments.
· Non-payment of car repair bill.
· Accountant sued for failure to pay fees.
Printing jobs (4)
· Printer charged a higher price than indicated on the estimate.
· Printer made slips for a hotel, and the hotel never paid.
· Artist made bags, etc. for an optical company and the printing was defective.
· Party planner made napkins, mint boxes, etc. for a bar mitzvah, and the client was not happy with the results and did not pay.
Purchase and sale of real estate (5)
· Sale fell through when it was discovered that the property was not a two-family house.
· Attorney delayed closing and the sale fell through.
· Real estate taxes were overly high because the executor of an estate had not applied for an elderly tax abatement.
· Buyer sued a broker for failure to make household repairs prior to the closing.
· Neighbor was sued for failure to pay his percentage of a real estate tax bill on purchased land.
Consumer-Retailer (13)
· Customer sued an airline when he lost money because a consolidator sold him a bogus ticket.
· Client sued to get a refund because he claimed a customized hairpiece was defective.
· Customer sued because she wanted to return a diamond ring setting and the jeweler would not refund her money.
· Customer sued when a dry cleaner lost the pants from a custom-made suit.
· Customer sued when a fan died and the store refused to issue a refund.
· Customer sued tailor for ruining two suits.
· Plaintiff sued for failure to pay for wedding videotape and clients counter-claimed for unfair debt collection practices
· Child transportation company sued for non-payment of contract.
· Customer sued breeder for failing to disclose hip and other defects in a dog.
· Customer sued a jeweler for damaging a ring when enlarging it. Jeweler claimed she was disruptive in his store.
· Failure to return a drill press.
· Customer sued a jeweler for damaging a gold nugget when adding a bracket to it.
Moving company (3)
· Damaged furniture and other items.
· Broke a bed, took it for repair, and failed to return it.
· Claim for broken antiques and glass shelf.



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