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You are a:

Construction Company that needs help resolving a dispute with an owner or subcontractor.  Perhaps you need a subcontractor agreement.  A surety is threatening to sue your company.  Your legal costs are exorbitant and you need someone to help coordinate your legal services.  You want to take a more proactive approach to legal issues.

Home Contractor who wants to comply with the law and prevent disagreements with clients.  You need help in preparing and negotiating contracts.  You are being sued by a homeowner, or being forced into arbitration.  You want to mediate a dispute before it turns into a lawsuit.  You need to place a lien on a property because you have not been paid.

Business Owner who needs help with contracts and legal issues in managing your business. Someone who is in a dispute with a supplier, customer or employee.  You are ready to move to the next level, and want to prevent legal problems before they arise by keeping a lawyer on retainer.  

Homeowner who is about to undertake a major renovation, and want to make sure you are fully protected by applicable state law. You want to retain an attorney to prepare a contract that will prevent problems.  You are having trouble with a contractor and do not know what to do next.  




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